20 Amazing Photos of Beautiful Transgender People Around the Globe

By November 20, 2016Informative

The transgender community has made tremendous gains in raising awareness about gender identity. These individuals give a voice to an often-neglected segment of the LGBTQ.

As the global community gains greater understanding of transgender people, quite of few advocates and spokespersons have achieved star status among the group. A look at twenty startling photos of beautiful transgender individuals can provide a glimpse of life at the forefront of this movement.

Geena Rocero


Geena Rocero is a successful fashion model who has represented major cosmetics companies for over ten years. Born in Manila, Philippines, Rocero won titles in transgender beauty pageants in Thailand and underwent gender reassignment surgery at age 19.

Although long-recognized for her female gender identity since her debut in the fashion world in 2005, Rocero made a powerful decision to “come out” as transgender in 2014 to support gender identity in children and youth. She is also a powerful speaker for ending violence against transgender women.
(Source: TED.com)

Laith Ashley


Laith Ashley took the fashion world by storm barely two years after commencing his transition as a transgender male. Born in New York to parents of Hispanic heritage, this fashion model has received critical acclaim for full-length editorials in French Vogue.

A social media powerhouse with thousands of devoted fans, Laith has also spoken up about helping loved ones understand and support the transition.
(Source: Vogue.com)

Trixie Maristela


Trixie Maristela is a Filipina actress and LGBT advocate. She garnered fame as the first runner-up in the Super Sireyna Worldwide transgender beauty pageant. A resident of Pasig, Philippines, she also holds a degree in Spanish and French from the University of the Philippines, Diliman.
(Source: People.com)

Ian Harvie


Ian Harvie is a successful stand-up comedian from Portland, Maine. Famous for his one-man show, he has toured with Margaret Cho and recently received the Great Pioneer Award from EqualityMaine.
(Source: TEDx)

Jazz Jennings


Jazz Jennings is a transgender teen from South Florida. As one of the youngest international spokespersons for the community, she began media appearances at age six, and by age ten received a featured TLC show titled I A Jazz.
(Source: TLC.com)

Balian Buschbaum


Balian Buschbaum is a German athlete and model. Born in Ulm, Germany, he once ranked as the number one pole vaulter on the German female Olympic track and field team. After transitioning, he is now a socialite and spokesperson.
(Source: CBSNews.com)

Jin Xing


Jin Xing is a former Chinese army officer who garnered national fame as a ballet owner and choreographer. Born in Shenyang, China to Korean parents, she began hosting a talk show post-transition, soon receiving the nickname “the Oprah of China.” She lives in Shanghai with her husband and three children.
(Source: The Guardian)

Lucas Silveira

lucas-silveira-trans-modelLucas Silveira is a Canadian rock artist and lead singer of The Cliks. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, he famously integrates Portuguese folk and punk elements into his songs.
(Source: Advocate.com)

Nong Poy


Nong Poy is a Thai actress, model, and sex symbol. Born in Phang Nga, Thailand, she won the Miss International Queen beauty pageant in 2004.
(Source: People.cn)

Jamie Raines


Jamie Raines is a transgender YouTube personality from the United Kingdom. He gained international fame upon monitoring his female-to-male transition with daily selfies for three years.
(Source: BuzzFeed)

Tulie Naomi Vili


Tulie Naomi Vili is an office assistant and youth coach from Mdantsane, Eastern Cape, South Africa. She currently runs an entertainment program to help South African transgender teens express themselves freely.
(Source: Vice.com)

Love Georg Elfvelin


Love Georg Elfvelin is a store manager and LGBTQ advocate from Stockholm, Sweden. He gained international fame by denouncing the practice of forced sterilization of transgender people in Northern Europe.
(Source: MotherJones)

Jakabos Zsuzsanna


Jakabos Zsuzsanna is an athlete from Pécs, Baranya, Hungary. She attracted attention after gaining the right to compete on the female Hungarian Olympic swimming team.
(Source: Tabata)

Shawn Stinson


Shawn Stinson is a fitness trainer and bodybuilder from Atlanta, Georgia. He gained fame after helping FTM World Fitness Competition attract mainstream media coverage.
(Source: AlJazeera)

Maya Menon


Maya Menon is a transgender model and writer from Kerala, India. She gained international fame after modeling the wildly successful Mazhavi sari collection by Red Lotus.
(Source: IbiTimes)

Loren Cameron


Loren Cameron is a transgender photographer and writer from Pasadena, California. His most famous work is Body Alchemy, a photographic book considered one of the most seminal texts on transexuality.
(Source: Amazon)

Amelia Maltepe


Amelia Maltepe is a glamour model from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reared in a traditional Muslim family, she is now famous for her interest in competing in the Miss World competition.
(Source: HuffingtonPost)

Rüzgar Erkoçlar


Rüzgar Erkoçlar is a Turkish actor and model. He gained regional fame after receiving a mandate for mandatory Turkish military service upon transitioning to male.
(Source: Hurriyet)

Leandra Medeiros Cerezo


Leandra Medeiros Cerezo is a Brazilian fashion model. The daughter of champion soccer player Toninho Cerezo, she grew up in Italy and has modeled for brands ranging from Givenchy to Redken.
(Source: Vogue Italia)

Benjamin Melzer


Benjamin Melzer is a German fitness model. He recently garnered international fame as the first transgender male to grace the cover of Men’s Health in Europe.
(Source: Telegraph)

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